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Free typing speed educational software

TypingClub is a free educational program designed to help improve typing speed. The set of lessons features advice and skills to practice while tracking progress.

Start simple

TypingClub aims to help users with the ability to touch type, or type without looking at the keyboard while using all fingers. The ultimate objective is to take a basic user from ten words per minute up to 60 and beyond. Based around a set of lessons with increasing difficulty, the free software has a simple layout perfect for regular practice. Each of the 35 plus lessons have a different objective, some based around speed or accuracy while others focus on the use of individual fingers. Users are scored based on a star system which is recorded over time to show improvement and future goals. TypingClub also features a school focused portal, perfect for managing a large number of individual students during lessons. The free software is a basic but effective way of improving both typing speed and accuracy. While there are a few issues with individual mistakes carrying across the entire lesson and a general lack of advanced tools, the software is a useful tool which effectively helps users.

Move forward

TypingClub is a solid choice for improving typing speed. The lack of extras is to be expected of a free tool and do not impact the educational value.


  • Free download
  • Simple interface


  • Some lesson issues
  • Lack of extras

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